If you require additional services and information, Dr Im Quah-Smith recommends the following links.

The Gawler Institute

The Gawler Foundation provides a range of internationally renowned healing cancer retreats and programs that embrace an integrated approach to health, healing and wellbeing that includes the body, emotions, mind and spirit. 


Golden Door

If you're looking for a total health overhaul, a short break, conference activities, a package of indulgent treatments on a weekend away, or a relaxing game of golf, there's a Golden Door to suit you.



ICMART is a non-profit making international organisation comprising more than 80 medical acupuncture societies worldwide. It includes over 30,000 doctors practising acupuncture and related techniques.



GLEM is an association which was founded in 1965 by Doctor Paul Nogier (1908-1996), a well known Lyon medical doctor who dedicated his life to the development of auriculotherapy.


Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture

YNSA (Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture) and Chinese scalp acupuncture are especially effective for the treatment of neurological and pain disorders. Zones of the scalp corresponding to areas of physiological or neural dysfunction are stimulated with fine acupuncture needles or, in children, with lasers.


2014 Meditation Challenge

Did you know that there is a flow of powerful energy that permeates every aspect of our reality? When aligned with this flow, we’re tapped into the pure, unlimited source of all peace, possibility and potential.  

Actualize your vision for authentic wellbeing with us on 4.14.14, when we will embark on a 3-week journey toward true transformation. We’ll reveal the secrets to finding your flow and teach you how to leverage its mighty power to effortlessly carry you like a river current to all of the joy, love and fulfillment you desire.


Take Them A Meal

Does someone close to you need help? Take Them a Meal is a website setup to assist in organising support for people in need; simplifying meal coordination so friends, family, neighbours and co-workers can show they care.


How to Get Kids to Meditate

An increasing number of children have been showing elevated signs of stress, restlessness and anxiety starting at a very early age. We know that meditation is a great tool to find peace and balance amid our hectic lives - that's why we enjoy our practice. How do we get our kids to love meditation, too?

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