“As we sail through life, we cannot control the wind
and storms but we can certainly learn better
how to trim the sails.”


Roseville Wellness Group was envisaged to help the individual find their optimal wellbeing through improving physical and emotional resilience.  By fine-tuning what we eat, reviewing our supplements, finding an exercise regime to suit our body type and by nourishing our mind, body and spirit with meditation, we help ourselves increase our physical and emotional resilience to better weather the storm of modern life.

Healing modalities include low intensity therapeutic laser, laser acupuncture, auricular medicine, Ayurveda inspired meditation, massage therapy, nutritional  (in particular sports related nutrition) advice, herbal support and high tech moxibustion.  We plan to introduce yoga in 2018 to complete our Ayurvedic repertoire.

Low intensity therapeutic laser is an excellent modality for accessing the brain and consolidating brain connectivity in the journey towards better resilience. This is best done using auricular medicine (auricular diagnostics and therapeutics) where one accesses brain connectivity via the cranial nerves . In 2018 we are excited to be introducing new state of the art therapeutic lasers.

Dr Quah-Smith presided over the 9th International Symposium on Auriculotherapy in Singapore in 2017.  The incredible clinical and scientific research projects showcased at the event will, no doubt into the future, improve health outcomes for the global community.  The 3 prize winning original research papers at the Symposium included auricular interventions for dementia, depression and new born babies (see ‘Research’ for further information).  We eagerly look forward to more innovation in this exciting field.

At Roseville Wellness Group we can assist patients with many scenarios including environmental induced stress disorders, the peri-operative period with central pain management.   Very importantly, we can restore and help with maintenance of health and wellbeing.  In 2018, by popular request, Dr Quah-Smith is available for consultation on mental health and posturology strategies in the workplace, including Corporations.

Roseville Wellness Group is involved in active clinical research with Dr Quah-Smith collaborating with hospitals and institutions on improving health outcomes for the community.  In house RWG continues its clinical research on quantifying the changes in the Vascular Autonomic Signal during the healing process and are also teaming up with Dr Srini Nageshwar from San Francisco and DynANS to measure the autonomic changes during auricular interventions.

Namaste and welcome!

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