Dr. Quah-Smith trained with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield on her constitutional facial acupuncture protocols. Beauty comes from within and after chronic persistent stressors and excessive environmental demands, lack of time out and rest, the individual starts to reflect these negativities in the face. Constitutional facial acupuncture was developed to address the disruption in sense of self and calm due to the above stressors that then create the aging signs and expressions on one’s face.

The face often holds external expressions of internal organ change. The tired skin look and facial lines (worry lines and frowns) can be helped by fine needle acupuncture and associated constitutional body acupuncture strategies. We RWG recommends 6-8 sessions (dependent on age and severity) of weekly local fine facial needle acupuncture together with Chinese Herbal masks to stimulate skin energy and blood flow fostering regeneration. Maintenance once a month after the initial series is highly recommended.

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