Meditation at RWG

Dr Quah-Smith was first exposed to meditation as a twelve year old at the Buddhist Temple in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Many years later she participated in the Gawler Foundation Meditation Teachers Course in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. By 2014 it became more evident to her that meditation is integral to one’s sense of self and wellbeing. Dr Quah-Smith then experienced mantra based meditation whilst at Panchakarma in the Chopra Centre, Carlsbad, San Diego.  Mantra based meditation (as practiced at the Chopra Centre) has been thoroughly investigated by 6 top universities in the USA and found to increase the telomere lengths of good genes significantly, sustaining their functionality. Many other positive neurophysiological changes were also observed. See links for meditation training apps and further information.


Early mornings 7.30 - 8.OO Wednesdays and Fridays from January 2018

Call RWG on 9417 4772 to advise of attendance by afternoon of day prior.

Occasionally, due to early academic meetings, the sessions may be rescheduled. Calling ahead is recommended.


Helpful hints:

Meditation at the start of the day sets the pace and the energy for the day.

It is better to do a short meditation daily than not at all.

Ideally one should meditate twice a day for 15-20 minutes per sitting.

Find a quiet spot, be comfortable, warm covers if it is cool and sitting in a comfortable posture is essential.

Meditation training & mental health:

Information supporting meditation:

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